North-South Pipeline

In 2011 RSV was heavily involved in the North-South Pipeline Project as the major agricultural sub-contractor to John Holland Pty Ltd for the reinstatement of the 76 km long right-of-way. The services included deep ripping, top soil preparation and seeding of pastures. RSV also provided services in the provision of seed, fertiliser, gypsum and lime, spreading of fertilisers, slashing of ROW, spraying and fencing. This gross contract value exceeded $1,000,000 by the end of the project.

What Our Clients Say

Safety requirements were always taken into consideration, which was particularly important when working in close proximity to the rail network. Work completed was consistently of a high quality; the teams’ knowledge of plant species and understanding of landscaping mixes ensured that all works were carried out according to the specified design. I would not hesitate to use Rural Solutions again on another project.

- Fiona Bowie, John Holland’s Environment Coordinator

RSV has been professional, committed and productive which is why they have been involved and continue to be involved in many of our projects ranging from minor right through to major projects. Excellence in flexibility and the ability to work unsupervised right through to office management.

Keep up the great service.

- Manouel Kalos, Aus Group Project Manager